When people think of Combat Gear https://pts-steelshop.com/collections/combat-gear , they might picture camouflage-patterned vests worn by SWAT teams. They might also imagine a gun belt with crisscrossed slots for ammo and holsters that hold sidearms.

In reality, the military-grade gear for sale in civilian marketplaces comes with a variety of features. Some are designed for operators and others to be layered into uniforms.

Armor Plates

Armor plates provide a vital layer of protection for military personnel during combat. They are typically worn in conjunction with bullet resistant vests to prevent stab and shot wounds. The plates are made from various materials to suit specific applications and threat levels. They are also designed to be as thin and discreet as possible for covert wearers like door supervisors or close protection officers.

A hard ballistic plate is a type of body armor that is thicker than soft plates to withstand higher impact levels. The NIJ level for a steel plate is III or III+ to stop rifle rounds and more dangerous threats. A ceramic plate is rated as level IV and can stop a rifle bullet with ease.

Other plate types include UHMWPE or polyethylene, which require less backing material and are lighter than ceramic or steel. The polyethylene plates also tend to have better abrasion resistance and fewer deformations than ceramic plates.

Low-Visibility Kit

Designed to accommodate both soft and hard armor plates, the Low-Visibility Plate Carrier from Defender features a lightweight design that minimizes bulk. Its shoulder straps are made of MIL-W-17337 Class 2 webbing in a 2″ width without added padding, while the front of the carrier is equipped with multiple pouches to fit a variety of gear.

This tactical two-way earpiece is ideal for military/government, law enforcement and security applications where discretion is required. It provides clear intelligible audio while allowing ambient sound to pass through fully, preserving binaural hearing for situational awareness.

In the midst of an active shooter incident, law enforcement personnel are often the first to respond on the scene. Chase Tactical has developed the Low Vis Active Shooter Kit to meet these needs, providing protection against handgun rounds. The kit fits in a soft trauma pocket in concealable vests, backpacks and cargo pants pockets. It includes a 14ga Needle Decompression Kit, combat gauze, occlusive dressings for open wounds and more.

Tactical Nylon

Combat Gear nylon isn’t just a durable and breathable fabric, it’s also an excellent fire-repellent material that can be used in tactical clothing and gear. This is especially important for military and law enforcement personnel who may need to quickly put on or take off gear.

Another popular fabric for combat gear is CORDURA. This is a tough coating that adds abrasion resistance to any garment or piece of equipment. It also protects against heat and moisture and reduces static electricity buildup.

When you’re looking for a combat-ready belt, look no further than the TYR Tactical Buckle Free Field Stretcher. This foldable stretcher is crafted from two layers of Nylon Micro Rip-Stop fabric to guarantee durability and light weight. It’s designed to be easily mounted onto your ruck or vest with its reinforced webbing carry handles and includes a stow pouch for folded stretcher storage. It’s also easy to transport. This is a high-quality, high-performance piece of military equipment made by an upstart company that puts its commitment to America’s fighting men and women at the forefront of its mission.

Pistol Belts

For those who carry a firearm for work or for personal safety, a quality gun belt is essential. Unlike cheap department store belts, a good gun belt has the rigidity needed to support holsters and ammo pouches without losing shape or buckling.

A battle belt is a specialized load-bearing belt for military personnel, law enforcement officers and civilian shooters. It can carry a variety of gear, including a holster or two, ammunition pouches and medical supplies. Its specialized rigidity helps distribute the weight of the gear evenly across the wearer’s hips.

Unlike some other tactical belts, the AXL Advanced Eclipse gun belt has a fixed set of slots for pouch attachment that prioritize durability over flexibility and turn putting the belt together into a finger-bloodying exercise. It’s also not the lightest or lowest-profile option, though, and doesn’t have a lot of customization options for users who want to tailor the tegris’ look to their own tastes.

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