Party rooms are great for rainy days as they offer fun indoor activities. You can play a variety of games or watch so-bad-it’s-good movies.

Blackroom is a hipster-style venue in the heart of party room Causeway Bay It has three cosy rooms that are packed with party games. These include a giant 1.5m-high Kerplunk and Jenga tower, a pool table, two projectors for movie nights, PS4, an induction cooker (for hotpot dinners), and comfy benches.

FOMO Cafe & Lounge

Located right behind SOGO in Causeway Bay, FOMO Cafe & Lounge is a top-rated party room with many amenities. Guests can play games like fooseball, ping-pong and pool or enjoy karaoke, a ball pit and a projector for movie nights. The venue also provides snack dishes including cheese tofu and samosas.

Club FOMO is a unique party room that caters to NFT (non-fungible token) holders. It offers a full catering facility, bar, cocktail lounge and dining area, as well as entertainment facilities including a DJ booth and projector. The space is open to NFT art owners and fans, as well as those who are interested in learning about the crypto world.

The district of Causeway Bay is home to several unique event-ready spaces that can be rented for a day, a few weeks or even months. These venues are often old warehouses or apartments with exposed brick or wooden panelling. They are great for celebrating milestone birthdays or simply staying cool during a rainy day.


Aside from its plethora of quirky and ephemeral spaces, Causeway Bay is also home to a number of distinctive event-ready venues that are available for rent for an afternoon, a night or even a few days, weeks or months. You can find them on Storefront, where you can choose from old warehouses with exposed bricks and chandeliers to cozy apartment spaces and studios.

This hipster-style party venue in party room Causeway Bay offers three cosy and versatile rooms for partiers to let their hair down. Its facilities include a giant Kerplunk, 1.8m-high Jenga tower, two projectors for movie nights, table soccer and pool tables, PS4, induction cookers for hotpot dinners and more. Catering is available, but you’re welcome to bring your own food.

The Roomss

Upon exiting The Rooms, players receive the Back On Track badge. The Rooms is filled with blue triangular particles, which are a visual reference to the particles emitted by the Rift. The Rooms hosts five hostile entities, all of which have multiples of 30 in their names with an ‘A-‘ in front of them (for example, A-60, A-90 and A-120), possibly a nod to Better Call Saul. Additionally, a Large Basement can spawn before the exit to The Rooms, which may cause softlocks.

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