Many families create a separate room in their homes for partying. This can be a dining room, gathering space, or an additional den. Some homes even include a built-in bar.

The best  have lots of windows and offer environmental control. They also have movable furniture and a centralized trash receptacle.


Tablecloths are the foundation of a party’s tablescape and set the tone for the color, size and style of your table accent pieces. party room game idea you’re hosting kids’ birthday parties or an adult gathering, choose from a huge selection of table covers including disposable and reusable options.

A tablecloth’s fabric conveys the occasion’s formality, with linen and cotton ideal for elegant events. Embroidered tablecloths and silks are a definite upgrade for weddings, but they also come in more casual styles and colors for everyday use.

For a holiday party, spread this patterned tablecloth featuring yellow-breasted robins on the dining room table. This Williams Sonoma-exclusive design is winter-appropriate without overdoing the holly and berries kitsch. It also coordinates with coordinating table runners and napkin rings. For a fun alternative to cloth, try a roll of chalkboard or craft paper on your tables. Provide guests with pens, crayons or chalk to write messages or draw pictures. Then, after the event, save the paper for a keepsake.

Hanging photos or artwork

Whether your family’s entertaining style is casual or formal, home party rooms are a wonderful way to entertain guests. During remodeling, a home party room can be built into any existing space in your house or constructed as an entirely new addition. Regardless of where your home party room is located, there are some important aspects that should be considered.

For example, the ceiling height is critical. A standard or low ceiling will make a room feel cramped and claustrophobic, while cathedral, sloped or tray ceilings offer an open, airy aesthetic.

Other considerations for your home party room game idea include the presence of trash receptacles and a place for a butt bucket (for smokers). Also, be sure to provide convenient seating for all your guests. This can be accomplished by incorporating an ottoman or putting pillows around the living room floor. Lastly, be sure to include windows. Installing frameless interior glass will allow you to showcase your beautiful home while offering a spacious ambiance for your guests.


Crepe paper streamers are inexpensive party decorations that provide a big visual impact. You can use them to create a fun backdrop or to accent a focal point such as a birthday person’s chair. Streamers are available in a variety of colors and lengths, so you can choose the best options to fit your theme.

To hang streamers on a wall or ceiling, start with a piece of tape and stretch it across the surface. Next, determine how long your desired streamer needs to be. It’s better to overestimate the length and trim it later. You can also vary the pattern by mixing up the colours or using larger blocks of one colour for a classic look.

Another great way to decorate with streamers is to make a balloon backdrop, like this kit from My Dream Party Shop. This kit comes with three ceiling mesh nets and string, so it’s easy to install. It’s available in a range of pastel and block colors to suit any occasion, including pink, cream, rose gold and peach for baby showers or wedding anniversaries.

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