Table lamp add visual interest to any room and offer a range of styles and shapes. Typically, the middle of a lamp’s shade should be at eye level when sitting next to it.

Lei recommends Entler’s blobby cast-ceramic stoneware lamp, which has brass hardware and accents she says make it “modern and classic.” She loves its arresting look and functionality.

Ambiance & Warmth

Table lamps add a cozy feel to any room they are in and can be used to create an overall mood setting. They can be bright and energized or soft and warm based on the type of light bulb used.

A tiffany lamp features beautiful decorative stained glass pieces that radiate colorful light into the room when switched on. These lamps are often considered family heirlooms and are very popular in traditional decor settings.

Glass table lamps can be very stylish as they offer a more sleek and refined look with the use of glass that has been sculpted into artistic designs. These types of lamps tend to be a little shorter and narrower in proportions than a regular table lamp. They can be a good choice for a narrow hallway space or on a side-table.

Task Lighting

Table lamps provide the finishing touch to a room’s decor while also providing useful lighting. They are often placed on a side table or desk next to your chair, couch or bed for reading and other tasks. These lamps can also be used to highlight artwork, statues or other features of a room.

These lamp designs can feature a simple spherical shape or something more elaborate and sculptural for visual interest. Some may use ceramics while others may be crafted from wood or even feature a mix of materials.

Most table lamps have a shade that is designed to reflect and disperse light both upwards and downwards. The translucency of the shade can affect how much light is generated and visually adapts with adjacent areas of the room. For example, a lamp that is positioned on your nightstand and aimed at the book in your hand will be more useful than one that is positioned on the edge of the room since it will only shed light on the floor and surrounding area.

Style & Personality

A stylish lamp is a great way to tie together the aesthetics of your space. If you have a modern living room, try pairing sleek bases with simple white shades. Or, if you’re going for a farmhouse style, opt for table lamps with a rustic reclaimed wood finish.

There are also many different styles to choose from, so you can find a perfect match for your home. From cylinder to drum, pendant to stem, the options are endless. And for a truly personalized touch, opt for a smart light that lets you control the shade color and other features via your smartphone app. The Govee lamp, for example, offers 16 million colors to choose from, as well as fun settings like festival and candlelight. This makes it a great option for lighting up parties or dinners with friends and family.


Lamps are a common part of our homes and we use them for a variety of purposes. They bring a sense of style and personality as well as providing useful light for reading, working or socializing.

When not in use, it is important to keep table lamps away from flammable objects as they may be a fire risk. It is also important to keep the bulbs out of reach of infants and children as they could shatter or cause injuries if touched while hot.

Modern table lamp lean towards contemporary themes with clean lines and geometric shapes or bold colors. Art glass table lamps often feature blown textured or tinted glass with deliberate distortions or bubbles for added interest. Some tiffany designs have been reworked to fit the modern theme with more geometric shaped bases and less free flowing patterns. These sculpted bases can then reveal beautiful ceramic designs and colors for a more unique and sophisticated look.

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